Kaibutsu 怪物

Kaibutsu is a term from Japanese folklore that translates to "monster" or "strange creature." In Japanese mythology and popular culture, kaibutsu refers to a wide range of supernatural beings, monsters, and creatures that often possess extraordinary or terrifying qualities. These creatures can take various forms, ranging from humanoid to animal-like or even grotesque.

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Yōkai: Yōkai are a class of kaibutsu that are often depicted as mischievous or malevolent spirits. They can take various forms, such as ghosts, demons, or animal-like creatures. Yōkai have distinct characteristics and abilities, and they often embody aspects of human emotions or natural phenomena.

Tengu: Tengu are bird-like kaibutsu known for their long noses and wings. They are often depicted as powerful and intelligent beings that inhabit mountainous areas. Tengu are associated with both good and evil, sometimes acting as protectors of the forests or as tricksters who test the virtues of humans.

Kitsune: Kitsune are fox spirits that possess magical powers and intelligence. They are known for their ability to shape-shift into human form and often appear as beautiful women. Kitsune are revered in Japanese folklore, and they can bring fortune or mischief depending on their disposition.

Kappa: Kappa are water-dwelling creatures that resemble a mix of reptilian and amphibious features. They have webbed hands and feet, enabling them to swim swiftly and manoeuvre effortlessly through the water. Kappa possess supernatural strength and are notorious for pulling unsuspecting victims into the water.

Oni: Oni are powerful and fearsome demons often depicted with horns, sharp claws, and red or blue skin. They are associated with chaos and malevolence, but they can also be protective guardians. Oni are believed to dwell in hell and occasionally surface in the human world to cause trouble or punish wrongdoers.


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